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Achieving Immense Social Media Success

4314365065_f64a614b9d_zI recently read an article by Bruce Kasanoff, a contributor to about how to achieve immense social media success.

In his article, Kasanoff states that the one big mistake that we all make is taking part in the race to have the most followers on Twitter, and indeed on all the social networks that we use.

Kasanoff uses the example of if you had to meet all your followers in person:

“If you have 10,000 followers, imagine a concert hall filled with them. Now what? Do you have 90 minutes of great material to drive the crowd wild? I think not. Do you have the time to have personal, meaningful conversations with every visitor? That would take about 30 minutes times 10,000 followers, or nearly two years’ worth of eight-hour days.”

This by any means is a daunting prospect, and leads me to the secret, which is actually common sense. Focus on attracting a small number of followers that you actually want to interact with. At my time of writing I have 1523 followers on Twitter. This is fab- but how many of these do I actually interact with? Probably less than 10%.

I’m definitely going to try out Kasanoff’s advice, and hopefully, we can engage in stimulating and worthwhile discussion on the things that we’re really passionate about!

FYI- my Twitter handle is @lauraemilyd


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